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Last Exile LJ community

Last Exile Community
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Last Exile is a Japanese animation produced by studio Gonzo with character designs by Range Murata. Discussion/fanfiction/fanart relating to Last Exile or Range Murata are welcome.

Community Rules:

1.) Put all spoilers and all images larger than 100x100 behind an lj-cut.

2.) Please try to label your fanfiction and fanart with ratings/warnings/pairings/etc. If large, again, please put them behind lj-cuts. :) Adult content especially.

3.) Out of curtesy to website owners, please don't hotlink or direct link images (or other kinds of media) off of sites that you do not own, unless you have specific permission to do so. This includes fansites both English and Japanese. Sharing the link to the site itself is okay.

4.) Please only advertise communities that are Last Exile related. You may advertise things you are selling as long as it is not mass cross posted (spam is not tolerated) and it is relevant to Last Exile or Range Murata.

5.) If you're new, you can make an introduction post (as seen here), but it's not necessary. :)

6.) In any case, have fun and be respectful of other community members. ^_^

Moderator and Maintainer: maaya

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